Advertise on First FM and unleash the power of radio to grow your business

First FM broadcasts across Oxford to a population of over 160000, with a calculated reach of over 15000* local to your business.

Your message is spoken directly to local customers who, unlike with online or print media, can't easily block or ignore adverts.
As the most trusted medium, there's no better way than radio to present your business as the established local leader.

To discuss your requirements just give us a call on 01865 606101 or email

  Rate Card and Price List - Autumn / Winter 2018
First FM Rate Card How the pricing works:
Your advert can be up to 30 seconds and will be repeated multiple times, with the number of repeats listed in "plays per week".
If you agree to a 4 or 12 week minimum, we'll include the cost of professional studio production and recording of your advert.
For changes to existing adverts or periods of less than 4 weeks, an additional charge of £99 will apply for recording and production.
To make it easy for listeners to contact you, we'll also list your details on our website and provide a link to your site or social media page.
If a package includes "Social Media" we'll also make a single mention of your organisation on our main social media page (i.e. Facebook).

How to order:
Give us a call and discuss your requirements. We'll take some notes (with no obligation) and we'll get a script writer to propose an advert.
Writing the initial script usually takes one to two working days. We'll then email this to you and call to confirm you're happy.
Once you've confirmed the script and the order, we'll send this to be recorded by a professional voiceover artist.
Recording typically takes less than 5 working days and once complete, your advert will be broadcast from the following Monday.

Info and Terms:
Due to music rights, adverts cannot contain pop or other retail music. We have a library of background music available which can be used.
All packages are invoiced in advance on a 4 week basis. Your first invoice will be due at the time of order and will cover the next 4 weeks.
Unless scheduled for a specific time, we cannot advise in advance of transmission the exact times that any advert will be broadcast.
Plays are automatically distributed across the time periods shown. Specific exact times are available for an additional charge.
Where additional spare slots are available at any time of day, we may occasionally provide these at no additional charge.
If you have an existing advert made by a third party, this can be used, subject to our quality and rights assessment.
Any services or items advertised must meet all legal requirements for advertising and broadcast in the UK.
We cannot advertise certain items and services, such as gambling, tobacco, vaping and adult services.
Radio like all advertising, works best when repeated regularly over time, so packages continue running until cancelled.
14 days written notice is required to cancel (subject to any minimum period).

More information:
For more information on the station, our coverage and listeners, please download our media pack by clicking here (PDF).
To hear a short example advert, click here (mp3 download).

To discuss your requirements just give us a call on 01865 606101 or email

* Weekly reach calculated as a Pearson correlation between online listeners via Tunein (2.1K followers as of September 2018) and surveyed FM audience
    figures from stations across the UK. Most trusted relates to research by Radiocentre showing radio as the most trusted UK medium for news and information.
    Local refers to listeners to our 105.1 FM service in Oxfordshire.